Getting Started

Start realizing the benefits of the BuyRiteDental marketplace right away. Registration is FREE!

Dental Professionals (Buyers):

BuyRiteDental allows you to quickly and discreetly reach a large and diverse community of suppliers for all your business needs.

1. After registering, simply click on Create New Post and enter your items:

Post an item

2. Next, enter the information about what you want to purchase in the form below

Post an item

You can Post a single item or many items. Posts can be easily re-used for periodic purchasing needs. There is no limit to the number of items you can put in a post and no limit to the number of posts you can have.

Those tiny blue question marks near some of the terms provide information to help you maximize your use of the marketplace. Simply move your mouse over the question mark to see the description. Some of the key ones are described here:

Posting Duration is a required entry where you decide how long you want the post to remain active. If you want to make your purchase soon, put a short duration on the posting.

Target Price is an optional entry. Providing a target price makes the listing behave like “buy it now”. When a Supplier bid meets or is lower than your target, an award is immediately made, the post is made inactive, and payment is due (under My Post History).

Category is a required entry. automatically notifies and invites qualified Suppliers to bid on your post.

Description is an optional entry you can use to add clarity to your post or to provide specific instructions to the Suppliers submitting bids. For example, if you prefer to see the costs of shipping and taxes separate from the cost of the item, make that request here.

General Post, is a button to list your post on the site. Now the entire BuyRite Dental supplier community can see your post. Suppliers that provide the Categories you require will receive notifications about your request for bid and be directed to your post.

Custom Post allows you to enter email addresses of specific suppliers you want to receive your post notification.

After selecting either Custom or General Post, your item(s) are listed on the site for bidding.

My Active Posts tab is where you can see your current postings and bids received. This is also where you select the winning bid and award the supplier. Prior to receiving the first bid, you can select the edit button to revise your post.

Note, all bids include shipping cost and taxes. If you want Suppliers to show you the cost of goods, shipping, and taxes divided out, include this request in your post description.

My Post History tab shows all your expired and awarded posts. Use this tab to pay a supplier whose bid you selected or to repost items that you didn’t award.

My Purchase History tab contains a list of all posts you have paid. This tab makes it easy to find things you have purchased and repost when you want more. For re-buying periodic supplies or operatory consumables, this tab makes it easy!

Please leave feedback for all Supplier transactions as this information is important to other Buyers and potentially yourself on future purchases.


BuyRiteDental discreetly expands your market access. Here you can see what Dental Professionals across all of North America want to buy and now you can sell to them.

After registering, you will be presented with all the active Buyer posts (Active Posts Tab). You can Search and Sort by Posting Category. You will also be notified of all new posts containing categories that you supply (which you selected upon registration and can update using My Account tab).

1. To bid, choose the Select Bid button on the post of interest. You will be presented with this screen:
Post an item

Enter your proposal and payment details. Bidding requires you to enter where the Buyer will send funds should your bid be selected. If by paypal, you will be required to enter a paypal address. If Credit or Debit Card, you will be asked to enter information needed for the Buyers credit card provider to route the funds to your bank account.

If you bid at or below the Target Price, you are awarded the business instantly. Since Target Price is an optional entry for the Buyer, not all posts will have one.

For posts that don’t have a Target Price or for bids that don’t trigger the Target Price auto award, the buyer at any time during or shortly after the conclusion of the auction can make an award. The Buyer can award the business to any bidder whom they decide provides the best proposal.

The price you bid should be inclusive of all costs including shipping, taxes, and the marketplace use and credit card processing fees totaling 5.9% (of the total bid price). You only pay these fees if you are the winning supplier. The bid price you enter is the amount the buyer will pay for delivery of the goods to their destination on or before the Delivery Required by date shown in the posting.

All bidders will see the current lowest bid price. Only the buyer will be able to see your proposal details.

Once a bid is submitted, the post will transition to your Active Bids tab. Here you can update your bid and watch it’s status. You will also receive notifications via email and the message center.

When a Buyer awards you business, it will appear in your Awards tab. When the Buyer pays, the post status will change from awarded to Paid. Now it’s time to ship, and complete the transaction by entering the details requested in the post (all from this Awards tab).

Please leave feedback for each selling transaction. Feedback is important to all users and you may also find it helpful in future bids.